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Absen Held its First ACE Training of 2019 in Huizhou, China

The year of 2018 has seen an increasing demand for ACE training. We received a lot of inquiries into this valuable program oftentimes when we posted ACE issues across our social media platforms. In 2019, new ACE courses will be offered in different cities including Moscow, Orlando, Nairobi and more….. Recently Absen held its first ACE training of 2019 in Huizhou, where the Absen manufacturing base is located.


Absen’s first ACE training in 2019 took place in Huizhou city from February 25 to March 1. During the first four days of this five-day event, Absen’s experienced technical engineers provided the most authoritative knowledge on LED products and solutions in traditional classroom style in the mornings and conducted hands-on training in the afternoons. On the last day, aspiring participants took the written and hands-on tests, putting the skills they learned to the tests in set-up and tear-down of LED walls, mapping, operating, packing and troubleshooting etc.




Designed for engineers, technicians and freelancers who are installing, configuring and maintaining Absen LED products, the Absen Certified Engineer (ACE) Program is an industry-first and free value added training for our partners and customers.

The goal is to enhance Absen’s full-service capabilities maximize the value for customers by creating a pool of trained LED engineers for our partners and customers through this training program. The course goes through the basics of LED displays to more advanced technical issues, covering hardware installation, troubleshooting & maintenance and software training and beyond. Up to now, there have been more than 1200 Absen certified engineers worldwide.

Through the training program, participants are able to master new technologies and develop new skills in the increasingly competitive market place. And for the partners who are involved, they are able to strengthen their customer service abilities and save the costs with the in-house expertise.





So far we have confirmed the upcoming ACE trainings in April in Moscow and Nairobi. If you are interested in participating our training program, reach out to your Absen contact.

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