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Absen, Huawei, 60 Leading Institutions Joined Together to Drive Smart City Construction

On April 9, Absen was honored to be elected as council member of the newly-established Longgang Smart City Industry Alliance (the LSCIA), which is a platform aiming to promote the development of smart-city industries of the Longgang district, Shenzhen city.


As a nonprofit organization, the Alliance is a university-industry cooperation among government, enterprises, universities and research institutes. According to the deputy head of Longgang district, Mr. Chen Guangwen, the alliance will integrate superior smart-city industrial resources to jointly propel the construction of “Smart Longgang”.



Initiated by 7 enterprises including Absen and Huawei, the Alliance consists of 60 members among which there are Absen, Huawei, Chinasoft International, Shenzhen Big Data Research Institute, Robot Research Institute of Chinese University Hong Kong and Space Institute of Southern China (Shenzhen) etc.



General Manager of Huawei Shenzhen subsidiary, Xiang Jun said, Huawei will take “smart city” as an important strategic investment direction and take Longgang as a base to drive Longgang smart city industries to go global.


Smart city is a global trend, there is a lot work to do with its display systems, which form an important part of smart city construction. “Absen is a pioneer in engineering smart city display systems, said the Absen sales director, Zhang Yongfeng, “we have sophisticated technologies, teams and experience”.




Absen CR1.2 in “Smart City Brain” of Longgang Operation Center


It is no surprise that Absen was on the member list. By the end of 2017, Absen collaborated with Huawei and engineered a 166.9 sqm CR1.27mm LED display containing a record-breaking 103 million pixels for the “Smart City Brain” of Longgang Operation Center.


This giant screen is geared to receive 181 display signals and visualize the received big data covering everything from traffic to city emergency management through different “windows”, 105 in number for 720P, 40 for 1080P and 10 for 4K.


The CR1.2 is able to visualize data through 105 “windows” for 720P, 40 for 1080P and 10 for 4K


What highlights most in this significant case is the innovative dual-power and dual-receiving-card design, which secures a robust smart brain system that never goes down. This CR1.2 screen has won applause from the customers, even experts in the industry and was celebrated as the “world’s largest smart city display system”.

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