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A Little Story about “Quality that Stands the Test of Time”


Absen is an enterprise with a history of 16 years, there are so many touching, interesting, and meaningful little stories about it. Here we share a true story that happend in Japan.


On March 11, 2011, an Absen team just flied back to China from engineering two LED light boxes in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan’s main island. Right on this day, a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan, unleashing a savage tsunami.


Absen team and clients at the Sendai Airport, one hour before the earthquake


Engaged in real estate, client in this project is from Miyagi Prefecture. He chose to cooperate with Absen after paying visits to a number of LED enterprises and purchased double-sided water-proof LED screens. On hearing the terrible news, the Absen team tried to get in touch with him and got reply weeks later.

Absen A1688 (0.5m*2m)


After knowing they were safe, the team received an email from this client, which read like this, “our local house properties were swept away, including the screens; on the coast we found the screens and brought them back. Surprisingly, minor problems as there were, they could still work”. The quality of this “strong screen” impressed him.


the “earthquake-survived” Absen A1688 screen could still work


But it is no surprise for Absen that their products managed to withstand the test of this natural disaster. Believing that quality is lifeline of products, Absen is a stickler for quality materials. There were too many references to demonstrate its “quality that stands the test of time”.



The “Strong Screen” in the story is Absen A1688, the best-selling model that has been installed over 180,000 ㎡in 120 countries over the past ten years. It has been updated to A1099 and A1699 with the core advantages of A1688.


visual performance of a 5-year-old 88㎡ A1688 screen at Plaza Italia, San Diego, Chile



visual performance of a 5-year-old 375㎡ A1688 screen at SIAM Square One, Thailand


visual performance of a 6-year-old A2088 screen in Yekaterinburg, Russia


visual performance of a 7.5-year-old 163㎡ A1688 screen at the east entrance in Zhengzhou railway station, Hebei Province

There are more countless stories like this one about Absen. After all, it is about an enterprise that has been ranking No.1 in exporting LED displays among Chinese manufacturers for 8 years in a row with proven track record. Only a truly trusted brand with products of quality that stands the test of time can win trust from more global customers.


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