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Absen: 18 Years Focus on LED Display and 10 Years No.1

On August 1, Absen celebrated the 18th birthday in the Shangri-La Hotel in Shenzhen. Longtime and new employees at home and abroad joined the anniversary gala.

For the past 18 years, Absen has been innovating and providing the best LED display products and solutions for its global customers. For Absen, the year 2019 is not only its 18th birthday, it also marks 5 years of Absen becoming a public company and 10 years No.1 in exporting LED panels regarding the export volume and value.

Today, Absen is a leading and trusted supplier of LED displays for various sectors including rental and staging, retail, corporate, OOH, transportation, control room, sports and worship etc. With 30,000+ cases in 120+ countries and regions across the globe, Absen’s LED panels are everywhere from small to big businesses, international events, retail shops, colleges, billboards, airports, command centers and house of worships and beyond.


Absen boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with the annual production capacity of up to 300,000sqm. It is subject to the industry’s most stringent quality control and safety tests (See factory video below).


Through 18 years growth, Absen has built a developed customer service system with 15 domestic and overseas companies worldwide including branches in China, Germany, USA, UAE, Japan, Russia, Brazil and Mexico as well as more other companies such as Absen Events and Absen Investment. To enhance its full-service capabilities and maximize the value for customers, Absen has created a pool of 1,300+ trained engineers across the globe through the industry-first training program Absen Certified Engineers (ACE).

In the very beginning of 2019, Absen joined hands with Mitsubishi and SAP and launched a nearly $1.5million (¥10million) Manufacturing execution systems (MES) program with a goal to drive deeper digital transformation. The program will improve manufacturing and management efficiency and reduce cost and carbon footprints. 


In March 2019, “Absen LED Display Standards” was released to steer the development of a robust and practical standards to govern the design, manufacture and maintenance of LED display in Chinese industry. It illustrates Absen’s industry-leading corporate standards, covering safety, technical, quality, health, environmental, service, business standards and corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

This is Absen’s story

Absen began as a small startup in a 20sqm room. The company was funded in 2001 by Ding Yanhui (Hansen Ding), Ren Yonghong (Dennis Ren) and Deng Jiangbo (Heman Deng) in an office near the Shenzhen Youth College.

Three founders of Absen: (from left to right) Ren Yonghong (Dennis Ren), Ding Yanhui (Hansen Ding) and Deng Jiangbo (Heman Deng).

The Chinese calligraphy on the wall translates that “as heaven maintains vigor through movement, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection!”

Actually the story of Absen can date back to 1996 when the 23-year-old young man Hansen Ding borrowed 500 RMB ($60 at that time) and travelled three days and two nights to Shenzhen, a fast-developing southern coastal city full of opportunities, from a village in Gansu Province, one of the poorest provinces in China.


Just like hundreds of thousands of young men before him, Hansen Ding was not sure of what to do and tried various jobs, one of which was electric welder, where he learned how to manufacture, assemble, install and fix an LED panel and became a professional LED engineer.


Experience of working as an electronic engineer and earning his life in Shenzhen provided the foundation for running the LED business and also inspired Absen’s core values of “Honesty. Gratitude. Responsibility”.

And then Absen’s story began.

Check Absen’s history and milestones below:

Eighteen years is a long journey. Thanks to the entire Absen team for the hard and dedicated work, effort and for being a valuable part of our journey to success. A huge thank you also goes to Absen’s customers, partners and suppliers. We look forward to our future successes and anniversaries.




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