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Absen 2018 Highlight Projects

2018 was a year of continuous development for Absen and we have created a lot of amazing projects across the globe. Here we selected some featured cases involving Absen’s quality LED products and solutions in wide ranges of applications including control room, sports, OOH, retail, corporate, rental and staging and house of worship etc. They are in no particular order. Check out >>>


1.Control Room


Lanzhou Traffic Bureau

Control rooms demand the best performance available from display technologies. With the intelligent control system, Lanzhou is on the journey to improve safety on roads now.


Absen CR1.2 (P1.2mm)

Factory of Midea Group

Midea Group is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer ranking among the world’s top 500 companies. The smart terminal solution that Absen tailored for Midea Group features connectivity to the cloud and collects a massive amount of industrial data, and more importantly, provides comprehensive solutions that cover the entire value chain from research and development and manufacturing to scale.


Absen CR1.2 (P1.2mm)



2. Sports

World Cup Russia 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup may be over for another four years, but the memories still live on for fans and all the selected equipment providers. Nearly 2,000 sqm Absen LED displays were utilized in three of the 12 stadiums which were playing host to the World Cup and more were also present at its final draw, FIFA Fan Fest events and other related services.


C15 (P15.6mm)


C15 (P15.6mm)


Absen A1688 (P16mm)


Chinese Super League 2018 season

Under a five-year partnership agreement, Absen is the exclusive official LED display supplier of the Chinese Football Association (CFA) Super League and has secured the supply of LED solutions for another 240 games in the season of 2018.



Absen A97 (P10mm)


Krasnoyarsk Crystal Ice Arena

With an estimated capacity of 3,500 people, Crystal Ice Arena is one of the sports venues for the Winter Universiade 2019. Once again Absen’s cutting edge LED technology was deployed in sports. The facility adds a center-hung LED display and three LED video boards



Absen AI06 (P6.2mm)


League of Legends Final in Movistar Arena, Chile

Esports is young sector with great market potential. The final of the League of Legends took place in Movistar Arena in Chile this September with 17,000 audience. The facility employs Absen’s innovative LED technology to deliver best Esports experience.

Absen D4V Outdoor (P4.8mm)

Absen D2V (P2.9mm)



3. Rental and Staging


Classic at the Palace 2018

“Classic at the Palace” 2018 in Saint Petersburg is a magnificent concert in honour of the 315th anniversary of the city. Modern visual technologies were put into use to create the atmosphere of an exquisite music show on 26 May.



Absen X5 (P5.2mm)


Opening ceremony of Tibetan sports meet

By utilizing multiple technologies including Watchout, E2, projectors and Absen’s D4V, expanded pictures were created and presented on the screen as one. The combination of LED and projection mapping technologies contributes to the complete success of this spectacular event.



Absen D4V (P4.8mm)


International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition 2018

Two of the show’s biggest names – DAF Trucks and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – rely on Absen’s latest Polaris products to ensure that their respective booths packed a visual punch.


Absen PL2.9 (P2.9mm)

Absen PL2.5 Pro (P2.5mm)


THT Event

THT is a Russian federal TV channel founded in 1997 and considered one of the five most popular TV channels in Russia. A massive seamless curved video wall assisted to deliver presentation content with impact.


Absen D2V (P2.9mm)


Custom 3D robotic LED video walls at GITEX 2018

GITEX showcases the latest technological developments in a wide variety of areas. To match the showcase theme and vision of the Etisalat stand, four moving LED walls featuring 1,464 Absen D3V modules were used to create a unique and multisensory 3D video experience for the audience.




Absen D3V (P3.9mm)


Comic-Con Africa

MGG was the main technical supplier for the three-day event and utilized professional gears all round, including Absen 2.9mm LED screens, to amplify and magnify the exhilarating event.

Absen D2V (P2.9mm)



4. Corporate

Huizhou Tonghu Science and Technology Town

Absen LED technology was fully integrated in the showroom of Huizhou Tonghu Science and Technology Town, the “Guangdong Silicon Valley”. The seamless LED CAVE creates an immersive LED environment and showcases the strengths of this town. In the neighboring building, Absen’s outdoor video boards are used for advertising and delivering messages. (We will bring a case study of this creative project in the early 2019.)


Absen N2.5 (P2.5mm)

Absen XD4 (P4.4mm)


DD News broadcast live India’s 72nd Independence Day

India’s only 24-hour terrestrial TV news channel, Doordarshan(DD) News selected Absen LED to broadcast Indian Prime Minister’s address live and the award-winning product Acclaim A27 was deployed. Absen team worked to a very tight time scale for the project, with order delivery to custom clearance taking place in four days and installation in just one day.

Absen Acclaim A2715 (P1.5mm)



5. Public


Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) taking place in this November at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center is the world’s first import-themed national-level expo and gathered 2,800 companies from over 130 countries. Absen’s striking modern LED displays were everywhere including three halls and the power centre.



Absen XD6 (P6.6mm)


Absen XD8 (P8mm)

Absen K3 (P3.9)


LED ceiling in Fen Court

The highly innovative and integrated AV solution was accomplished by AV integrator Sysco and distributor PSCo and was AV Magazine’s cover story of Aug/Sep. 2018 issue. The 180sqm LED ceiling was made up of Absen N5 displays and driven by tvONE’s CORIOMASTER. It is the largest ceiling-mounted LED screen in Europe.


Absen N5 (P5.1mm)



6. Retail


Kashirskaya Plaza in Moscow

With a total area of 196,750 m2, the Kashirskaya Plaza comprises a complex that conveniently accommodates public retail, fitness, entertainment and catering amenities, including a hypermarket and a cinema. To keep with the entertainment environment, the plaza leveraged the latest LED display technology from Absen.

Absen K5 (P5.2mm)



7. OOH


Largest LED façade in Phnom Penh

The 983 sqm LED façade with an elegant curve lights up the landmark building in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Covering 5-10th floor, it is the largest outdoor LED display in this city so far.


Absen A1699 (P16mm)


Bespoke LED solution for coastal city of Qingdao

With ant-corrosion in mind, the LED display solution that Absen tailored for this city features solid reliability and extreme energy efficiency. It played an important role during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit 2018 in presenting the city’s image.



Absen A1099 (P10.6mm)


Digital signage at six metro lines in Santiago Chile

Digital signage in public transportation is a great channel not only for displaying messages like departure and arrival time but also for promoting advertisers’ services. The metro network of six metro lines across the city features more than 1,000 sqm Absen’s video boards.


Absen N2.9 (P2.9mm)


Airport advertising in central Europe

With over 16 million passengers every year, the Zagreb (Croatia) and Budapest (Hungary) airports are major gateways to Central Europe. Now they are equipped with Absen LED technology to host the advertisers and take the effectiveness of their campaigns to the next level.



Absen N4 (P4mm)


Absen XD6 (P6.6mm)



8. House of Worship


Kijitonyama Lutheran Church in Tanzania

Absen LED solution has an extensive expertise in application of house of worship. LED technology has been widely used in this sector in markets like North America and Latin America and the power of it is gradually discovered in African market now. The Kijitonyama Lutheran Church in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania sought to improve its worship service with latest LED display technology. Absen worked with its partner and provided quality indoor LED products as well as the professional steel structure solution.


Absen Acclaim A2725 (P2.5mm)

9. Hospitality


Hale Centre Theatre in Utah

Teamed up with the AV integrator RevelTV, Absen strategically formulated special plans to create immersive LED environments by utilizing different LED solution inside and out of the Hale Centre Theatre in Utah.


Absen XD6 (P6.6mm)



Absen N4 (P4mm)


Absen Acclaim A2738 (P3.8mm)


The above projects are just a small part of what we have done in 2018. Here we would like to say a massive thank you to our customers, partners and all our supporters. Thank you all for making them happen! We cannot wait to see what 2019 brings.


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