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Absen Customer Services in Africa

Committed to providing customers with the best, the leading global LED brand Absen has been expanding and developing its international customer service networks. Since its establishment in 2001, Absen has proven itself as a reliable choice in a variety of markets, including DOOH, sports stadium, retail stores, rental and stage, as well as broadcast studios and corporate installations etc. With a proven track record, it has been No.1 Chinese exporter of LED displays for nine consecutive years. According to customs data, Absen has also been named No.1 in African market in terms of market shares since 2006.


Absen has earned the reputation of providing its clients with high quality products in African markets. For example, its star outdoor products A1099 and A1699 have been recognized by its clients. The advantages of high brightness level and energy efficiency make them perfect LED display solutions especially for certain areas with power shortage problems.


An overview of the African service structure


Professional sales team

Absen attaches great importance to the market of Africa. Featuring 10 bilingual LED sales professionals who know the LED industry and market well, the Absen sales team of African market understands customers’ needs and is capable of working to maximize the value for local customers with best LED display solutions. From presales demo show, product consultancy to delivering steel structure solution, the sales team is able to provide turnkey solutions.


On-site and remote support

In the early period of the African LED market, the local service is so inadequate that Absen needs to send its own engineers on site for the installation instructions of the LED screens. Despite the difficulties in transportation and in getting visa, Absen’s service team is able to provide prompt professional technical support whenever needed.


“In some installation sites, there is no electricity, no signals, and some places are even suffering from wars and epidemics”, recalled Tony Guo, the Absen customer service specialist, “There was one experience that I would never forget. Once in an outbreak of Ebola virus in the country in 2014, we still insisted on solving the last problems for our customers in Nigeria.  Scared as I was at that time, but customers always come first”.


In addition to on-site service, remote service plays an important role in Absen’s service system. Usually it comes first when there is customer service need. Engineers provide guidance and instructions to customers through phone calls, emails, What’s app or other apps. Through remote service, customers can get prompt and professional suggestions, which saves time and also greatly drives cost down.


The 4 ACE trainings held in Africa from 2014 to 2018


ACE Training

Now thanks to the Absen Certified Engineer (ACE) training program, trained Absen engineers scattering around the world strengthened the company’s full-service capabilities, making the company’s collective knowledge and expertise available to more partners and customers.


Designed for engineers, technicians and freelancers who are installing, configuring and maintaining Absen LED products, Absen Certified Engineer Program (ACE) educates and updates engineers and technicians about installation, set-up and service of Absen LED screens. It is a free value added training for its partners and customers.


Up to now, Absen has held 4 ACE trainings in countries including Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, and received warm welcome and praise from its customers. Currently, Absen has rich resources of about 50 trained ACE engineers in Africa.


To enforce its full-service capabilities, Absen also created Absen Certified Abseners (ACA) training program targeted at Absen employees and a number of advanced digital systems like Absen Service Center (ASC) and System Applications and Products (SAP) etc. to improve management of orders and customer services.


Products and services come together. The sale of the products is just the beginning of the whole business process. Service also matters in the life circle of product. With the combination of top-quality product and excellent service, Absen is certainly the best choice in LED display market in Africa!

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