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Absen Global Seminar Held in Santiago, Chile —- It is about relationship, technologies and fun!

Absen Global Seminar took place in the capital and largest city of Chile, Santiago, on April 4th. Absen team shared the global and local industry and market trends with its trusted partners and demoed Absen’s latest rental, outdoor and indoor products.

Absen Global Seminars are events that engage the existing and new clients of Absen, where the participants could talk about what’s new in the market and Absen will showcase its most innovative LED display technologies.

Absen in LATAM and Chilean Market

Absen began to expand the overseas market in 2005, starting from Saudi Arabia, and entered LATAM market in 2006 with its first order from Mexico. The first Absen LED display in Chile was installed in 2007, which marked the beginning of the exploration and learning journey in this country.


Committed to providing customers with the best, Absen has been developing its international customer service networks with currently 15 domestic and overseas companies worldwide. In LATAM areas, there have been two subsidiaries in Brazil and Mexico, and two service offices in Peru and Chile.

Absen has 15 domestic and overseas companies across the globe

“We are from China, another country from another continent. We need to learn how to do business in Chile in Chilean way”, recalled the LATAM market director, Esther, at the seminar, “it was difficult for us due to language differences, but we have been learning and making progress over the past 12 years. We hope that our clients and friends could continue to kindly offer us suggestions and opinions to help us achieve team growth”.

Absen LATAM market director, Esther, speaking at the seminar

Over the past years, Absen LED has been instrumental to 120+ countries in more than 30,000 amazing projects globally. It has also proven a reliable brand in LATAM market and has become an optimal choice when system integrators or event producers etc. selecting LED technology. Absen LED products have been utilized in a wide range of applications in Chile, including corporate, retail, OOH, control room, sports, staging and rental and beyond. Here are a few examples:

Absen N series at seven Santiago Metro lines in Chile

PL 3.9 and DV series at Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile

Absen DV series at Casino in Chile

Absen DV series at League of Legends Final in Movistar Arena, Chile

Absen LATAM Team

Consisting of sales professionals who know the LED industry and local market well, technical engineers well versed in various LED products and proficient business assistants, the 40-member Absen LATAM team understand customers’ needs and are able to maximize the value for them by providing high quality products and solutions and best sales & after-sales services.


“The Chilean team provide services for customers in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay”, said Esther, “we are the first company in the industry to initiate market segments (horizontally and vertically). The team is very stable. As you know, Sara, the Chile market director, has been working in Absen for more than eight years”, said Esther, “I am familiar with this piece of land and it is my second hometown”.

Chilean market director, Sara, demoing latest Absen LED products at the seminar

The seminar presented a broad lineup of top-class LED display solutions for rental, indoor fixed and outdoor applications, including the newly-launched AX1.5, the multi-award-winning indoor and outdoor product Polaris series, reliable OOH solution XD Plus, optimal product to swap LCD Acclaim series, suitable for public, retail and corporate Environments., and N Plus series, the industry-first flat display for any environments requiring saving space and more other products on site.

Absen senior engineer Leo explaining products

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