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Absen Held ACE Training in Moscow

On the heels of the first successful Absen Certified Engineers (ACE) training of 2019 in March at its factory, Absen has started its busy training schedule in overseas cities including Moscow and Nairobe in this April. 
“We had been planning to provide the training for our clients and after shared the news with our friends, we received a lot of training applications from more other companies who know Absen and take interest in our training program”, said CIS market director, Sasha Liu, “to ensure a high quality training for all the participants, we have accepted some and have to put some on waiting list”.
Part of members of Absen CIS team preparing for ACE
“Considering that 43 participants are from different backgrounds, a big part of our team were involved in preparing this event to make sure it is a success. Besides the sales team, we have Tom and Victory, both experienced LED engineers with profound knowledge of the LED field. Especially we have got support from Absen Shenzhen HQ, with help from Rao, the senior product manager of Absen R&D department, as well as support from our partner Novastar who sent an expert”.
ACE team preparing for the training
The training has seen intense passion and interest for acquiring new technologies among the learning staff.


Learning staff at ACE Moscow
“It is really rewarding to participate the courses,” said one of the members, Belokon Sergey Dmitrievich, “the training goes through the basics of LED displays to more advanced technical issues. I really appreciate the opportunity for me to learn so much new things and meet those new friends”.

Learning staff at ACE Moscow
Tailored for engineers, technicians and freelancers who are installing, configuring and maintaining Absen LED products, the ACE Program educates and updates engineers and technicians about Absen latest LED products.
The industry-first and free value added training program is able to strengthen Absen’s full-service capabilities and maximize the value for its global clients by creating a pool of trained LED engineers. Through the unique training, Absen makes its collective knowledge and expertise available to more of its clients worldwide, helping individual engineers to master new technologies and skills and companies to improve their customer support ability.
Up to now, Absen has held 71 sessions of ACE training and trained more than 1,200 engineers worldwide.
Committed to providing customers with the best, Absen has been developing its international customer service networks with currently 9 overseas companies worldwide. In CIS market, to which Absen attaches great importance, the company opened a subsidiary in Moscow in 2015 to better support local customers.
Featuring LED sales professionals who know the LED industry and market well, experienced technical engineers and proficient business assistants, the international CIS team is able to provide best sales & after-sales services. The team has managed to provide solutions for a wide range of sectors including retail, sports, corporate, transportation, rental and staging and beyond. Its LED products have been utilized in world-level events such as FIFA World Cup Russia and the 29th Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk. 
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Absen LED at World Cup Russia 2018


Absen LED at 29th Winter Universiade 2019 Russia
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