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Absen LED at Vladimir Putin’s Annual Press Conference

Vladimir Putin’s annual press conference took place last week and Absen’s high resolution LED technology was there to help the presenter communicate with clarity and passion.

On December 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin held his 14th annual news conference in Moscow’s World Trade Center, where he fielded questions ranging from the serious to the personal, with big LED screen support from Absen. This is the 7th year that this Absen LED product has been involved in the Russian President’s traditional year-end press conferences.

Absen LED at Vladimir Putin’s Annual Press Conference 2018

The event was broadcast live by three TV Channels — Rossiya 1, Rossiya 24 and Pervy Kanal — and three radio stations — Mayak, Vesti FM and Radio Rossiyi. Fifty-three media representatives asked the Russian leader questions during the event, which lasted for 3 hours and 43 minutes and covered topics relating to economic, social, environmental and international issues.

Absen LED at Vladimir Putin’s Annual Press Conference 2018

The stage of the press conference featured a 15m × 5m main Absen 3.9mm striking screen as backdrop flanked by two 6m × 4m screen to facilitate the clear and effective communication between the presenter and the participants, ensuring high-quality conference experience for all. With stunning image quality and unsurpassed reliability, the state-of-the-art display solution also managed to meet critical demands for broadcast live and on-camera content presentation.

Absen LED at Vladimir Putin’s Annual Press Conference 2018

Providing the 3.9mm LED screens for the event was a leading Russian rental and production company, Big Screen Show, who specializes in mass sporting events, festivals, broadcasting shows and high-profile ceremonies. The company is a long-time supporter of Absen and has used Absen LED displays on an array of projects and events.

“This batch of rental product has been in use for many years by our customer Big Screen Show”, said John Zhang, general manager of Absen’s Russian branch, “when it comes to president press conferences, our customers and end users would rely on this 3.9mm product to guarantee the success of the events due to its exceptional advantages like rich and accurate colors, solid reliability and the ease of assembly and installation and so on. It is an obvious choice that would meet high requirements on such important occasions like president press conferences”.

The same product has also well served the annual special television program since 2012 —- Direct Line with Vladimir Putin, where Russian President Vladimir Putin would respond to questions from Russian citizens and those submitted by text, electronic mail, telephone, and live video etc.

“The customer and end user are very satisfied with the outstanding performance of our products”, added John, “now we have launched some more powerful rental products like PL LITE, which is a perfect all-weather rental solution for wide ranges of applications from outdoor concert and festivals to indoor corporate events, car shows, and exhibition stands etc. I really look forward to its application by our customers”

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