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Absen LED Screen Shines Brightly in the Heart of Shenzhen after Seven years

Situated in the central business district at the heart of China’s coastal megacity Shenzhen, the Wongtee Plaza is arguably one of the busiest shopping centres in the city. The massive iconic curved Absen LED screen mounted on the shopping mall welcomes more than 22 million people every year.



Absen LED at WongTee Plaza in 2019


With Shenzhen Civic Centre on the north, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre (where LED China 2019 took place last week) on the south, the Plaza neighbors the city’s most expensive business streets and some international five-star hotels. Covering 423,000 square meters featuring a collection of top global and domestic fashion & luxury brand stores, various restaurants and eateries, boutiques, bookstores as well as other leisure and entertainment facilities, the Plaza is a choice place for citizens to go to especially during weekends and holidays.



Absen LED at WongTee Plaza in 2019


The curved 500 sqm LED screen has been in operation for more than seven years and shines even brighter than before thanks to its quality that stands the test of time. Installed more than seven years ago, the screen was used for advertising retailer and delivering various messages.


“I still remember the time when we were installing the screen in 2012; Leo was up on the steel frame and I was giving directions to him on the ground”, recalled Joy, the Key Project Department Director of Absen, “it is just incredible to see how a pile of dirt at that time developed into currently one of the most prosperous places in the city. Our customers are very satisfied with the performance of the screen and the quality of the project. We are very proud whenever we come here”.


Absen LED at WongTee Plaza in 2012


The project leveraged Absen’s A1688 (updated to A1699 now) series, which is one of the most successful outdoor LED products in Absen’s portfolio. There have been nearly 200,000 sqm of this product applied in more than 120 countries and regions over the past twelve years.


This market-proven product employs LEDs encapsulated by Absen itself, which the company has devoted nearly twelve years to. Besides the range of A1099&A1699, Absen’s standard outdoor product SR series also utilizes the Absen-encapsulated LEDs.


A number of advantages of the A1099/A1699 range including high level of brightness, contrast and IP ratings, solid reliability as well as extreme energy efficiency make it an ideal solution for OOH applications in various complicated environments.


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