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Absen Managed to Service World Cup Russia with Winning Solutions

As France was crowned championship in Luzhniki Stadium Moscow after month-long competition, the official participation of twelve sports facilities in World Cup 2018 came to an end.


There is no doubt that large video boards are among the most visible visual elements in the world of sports. Among the twelve facilities, the Kazan Arena, Rostov Arena and Kaliningrad Stadium, are equipped with nearly 2,000 sqm Absen LED displays of A1099, A1699 and C15.


Absen A1099 & A1699 – Market-proven model featuring Absen self-encapsulated DIP LEDs 


The A1099 and A1699 are updated versions of A1088 and A1688. This series is one of the most successful LED product in Absen’s portfolio. There have been nearly 200,000 sqm of this product applied in more than 120 countries and regions over the past eleven years. During World Cup 2018, a total of seven pieces of A1099 and A1699 displays were deployed in the above-mentioned three sports venues, one piece in Kazan arena, the other six in Kaliningrad Stadium and Rostov Arena.



Absen A1699


With a proven track record of providing best quality products for its global customers, Absen is careful in selecting raw materials and strict with quality control. This prime product employs Absen self-encapsulated LED diodes that the company has devoted nearly eleven years to, is capable of delivering ultra-high brightness level of 8000nits and 10,000 nits. Materials adopted in the Absen DIP LEDs include 99.99% purity gold bonding wires and top-quality epoxy resin: high purity gold wire features strong ability to withstand high compressive stress when LEDs light up and generate heat, ensuring extreme low failure rate of LEDs; the quality of epoxy resin decides the color accuracy of LEDs and their final quality.

Absen A1099


This range also utilizes high grade components like stainless steel screws and locks, aluminum panels and strongly-insulated wires wrapped in fiberglass etc, enabling this IP65/54 product to resist extreme heat, severe cold, acids, alkalis and even salt spray.


High level of brightness, contrast and IP ratings, solid reliability, easy installation and maintenance…all these advantages make this range an ideal solution for OOH applications in various complicated environments. Thanks to these features, Absen LED display products are able to compete with Russian climate of warm to hot dry summers and (very) cold winters with temperatures of -30°C and lower and sometimes heavy snowfall and very strong easterly winds.





Absen A1099


Absen C15 — Frame-free and all-weather outdoor fixed LED curtain display

Absen C15 is curtain display with pixel pitch of 15mm, suitable for exterior walls of buildings.

Weighing only 18 kg/㎡ and measuring 80mm thick, this product is 60% lighter than conventional outdoor LED products, offers simple installation and operation and can easily fit to buildings and steel structures of different load-bearing capacity. The super lightweight advantage is coupled with curtain-shaped design which offers excellent heat dissipation and wind-resistant ability, making it an extremely flexible solution for outdoor messaging or advertising even in harsh weathers. Considering the cold winters with strong winds and snowstorms in Russia, Absen engineered the all-weather solution with C15 for both the Kaliningrad Stadium and Rostov Arena.


Absen C15 (27m*15m)


Absen LED technology offers a long lifetime with robust reliability, exceptional visual performance and low power consumption, maximizing value for global customers for years to come.

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