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Dubai GITEX Technology Week 2018 Features Absen LED (1) —- Absen LED Display Solution for Smart Cities at Huawei Booth

GITEX Technology Week 2018 took place last week from October 14 to 18 in Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE. Absen LED technology was deployed at the booths of two top global technology companies Huawei and Etisalat to highlight their innovations.

GITEX Technology Week 2018 Featuring Absen LED

GITEX stands for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. As the region’s largest tech show attracting almost 5,000 exhibitors and 150,000 attendees, GITEX defines the latest tech trends, presents high caliber speakers and showcases product innovations from across the world; it also brings together the most innovative, exciting and ambitious tech startups to showcase their world-changing ideas to an audience of hand-picked international investors.

At the 38th GITEX Technology Week, the leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei, revealed how some of its cutting-edge technologies in 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart cities etc. are driving economic growth and reshaping the Middle East. This event was a platform for Huawei to drive the region’s digital ecosystem by deepening its collaboration with partners, among which Absen is the partner in terms of LED display solution.

Huawei’s Win Ecosystem

At Huawei booth Z1-D10 in Zabeel Hall, a 1.8m*1m LED video wall provided by Absen was showcased at the booth as part of its smart city solutions. It was also used to present the Huawei logo and commercial videos.

Abesen LED board at Huawei booth

“Smart city is a global trend and LED display has become a preferred choice for more and more organizations”, said Terry Zhu, the product manager of Absen, “LED holds a number of advantages over projectors and LCD products, like zero black bezel, higher brightness level, longer lifetime and outstanding color accuracy and uniformity over time etc., especially in big screen applications”.

Absen’s control room products and solutions have been utilized in many smart city projects. In 2017, Huawei and Absen have once collaborated with each other in a “smart city brain” project for Longang Operation Center (LOC) in megacity Shenzhen, China. And in this April, Huawei, Absen and the other 60 leading institutions across industries like AI and big data industries founded the Longgang Smart City Industry Alliance (the LSCIA) aiming to drive smart city construction of the Longgang district.

In the mentioned LOC project, Huawei was chief designer and the integrator of various cutting-edge technologies and Absen was chosen for its top-notch control room LED display solution.

Absen control room solution (CR1.2) in Longgang Operation Center (LOC)

The 166.9 sqm 1.2mm screen contains a record-breaking 103 million pixels and is touted as the world’s largest curved NPP LED screen with highest pixel density achieved in one screen. It is able to receive 181 signals of real-time information data for public traffic, emergency management and public security etc., and display them on the LOC ‘Smart City Brain’ through 105 pictures of 720p (40 of1080p and 10 of 4k). Featuring industry-leading technologies like power and data redundancy, CrystalView and PreciseAlign technologies, this LED video wall offers quality images, comfortable viewing experience and robust stability.

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