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Four ACE training Sessions Held in Germany, Columbia and Kenya

To ensure our end users receive a highly qualified level of service and meet the increasing demand for the valuable training Absen Certified Engineers (ACE), Absen just held four training sessions for its customers over the past two weeks, two in Frankfurt Germany from April 16-17 and 23-25, the other two in Nairobi Kenya and Bogota Columbia from April 23-25 .


Two training sessions in Germany were held in the company’s office, Absen GmbH, which was set up in 2015 to provide better local support for its customers. Absen EU team including Kenny, Abert, Liam, James and Empre took the classes through LED fundamentals, then put these skills to the test in build-up and tear-down of LED walls, mapping, operating, packing and troubleshooting.


Absen ACE in Frankfurt Germany


Training in Bogota Columbia featured 42 participants from Columbia and other LATAM countries like Peru, Chile, Equator and Salvador etc. LATAM team led by sales professionals Silvia and Alicia as well as LED experts including Joel Cano Ventura and Terry Xu who has been in the industry for more than ten years conducted the training.


Absen ACE in Bogota Columbia


ACE brings all aspects of hardware, software, repair and maintenance etc. It provides classroom-style courses as well as hands-on practice in real-life scenarios. To reach out the technicians who desire to familiarize Absen’s latest LED products, the team divided all the learning staff into small teams and prepared demoes for each group for practice. Only the participants who passed the written and hands-on exams were recognized as Absen Certified Engineers (ACEs).


Absen ACE in Bogota Columbia


ACE in Nairobi Kenya was held during April 23-25, featuring the participation of technicians and engineers from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia in East Africa. 


Quality lies at the heart of Absen and service is also the key part that Absen has attached great importance to. ACE is one of the multiple ways in which Absen improve its clients’ capabilities to support their customers. Take African market as an example:


Absen has been the No.1 Chinese exporter of LED displays for 10 consecutive years and has held the No.1 place in African market in terms of market shares since 2006. Absen has been instrumental to every corner of this continent, up to Casablanca in Morocco, down to Johannesburg in South Africa, west to Lagos in Nigeria and east to Nairobi, Kenya. Absen has successfully held the ACE training for 6 times in this land since 2014. Currently, Absen has a rich pool of over 70 trained ACEs in Africa, which is a solid part the company’s service systems.


6 ACE trainings held in Africa up to April, 2019


“Each time we held an ACE program, the training applications flooded in. The technicians who know Absen show great interest in attending.” Says Jessica Xiao, the sales director of African market, “ full consideration should be taken before holding an ACE training. We need to make sure that a high-quality training is given and the attendees can really learn what they need for daily work.”


Absen African market director, Jessica Xiao



Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi, where ACE was held


“We’re so impressed and inspired by the enthusiasm the engineers have shown in this 3-day training. They listened carefully in the class and took active part in the hands-on operation”, says Ted Peng, the sales manager of the East Africa market.


Absen ACE in Nairobi, Kenya

Van Daele Eric, an experienced engineer from Rwanda, attended the course and commented: “I can’t extoll enough how professional the training was and of course the training personnel. The Absen team spent all days with us, and were excellent. They were able to answer all questions asked of them and their ability to pass on their experience could not be faulted”.


Van Daele Eric (in the middle) is an experienced engineer from Rwanda


An interesting story happened on one of the participants – It’s not the first time for Paul Mutunga, a technician from Kenya to attend Absen’s ACE training since he was there in the first ACE training held in this country in 2015.


   ACE training in Kenya in 2015


Caption: the second in the right is Paul in ACE training in Kenya 2019


“Working in this fast-paced changing industry, the update of the LED display product knowledge is necessary for everyone involved in AV industry. Absen’s ACE training is such a great chance that I can equip myself with the latest expertise of LED display product. I attended it 4 years ago, but I still learned a lot this time. Maybe in the future, I will attend the third time”.


Committed to providing the maximum value for our customers, Absen not only provides high-quality products but also excellent service support. ACE is part of the service systems that can enrich the service resources for customers’ part. Up to now, Absen has held 74 sessions of ACE training and trained more than 1200 engineers worldwide.


Absen has done more than 30,000 projects in more than 120 countries and regions. Andt here have been more than 1000 references in over 50 countries and regions in Africa. Absen’s sales team never stop their efforts in bringing most advanced technologies to the market! The team has managed to provide solutions for a wide range of applications including the OOH, corporate event, sports, cinema, rental and staging, indoor fixed and beyond.


Absen billboard in Nigeria


the 11th Salon du Cheval d’EL JADIDA in Morocco


Absen in Pathe cinema, Tunisia


Absen LED in Chinese Embassy, South Africa


More ACE training sessions are scheduled to take place in domestic and overseas cities. If you are interested, please reach out to Absen sales representatives and get registered.

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