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Huawei Demonstrates Leading New ICT Solutions through Absen LED

Top multinational technology company Huawei chose the leading global LED brand Absen to showcase its leading new ICT solutions at China (Xi’an) Security Expo. Absen provided a range of state-of-the-art LED solutions including a P3mm screen and three NPP LED solutions.

The 2019 China (Xi’an) Security Expo, short name for China (Xi’an) International Social and Public Security Products, Smart Transportation, Emergency & Fire Fighting, Counter-terrorism and Counter-insurgency Technologies and Sharp Eyes Project Applications Exhibition, took place from May 27 to 29 in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province in central China.

Covering an area of 30,000 sqm in Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, the show presented the most advanced technologies in fields of big data, smart home system, public security, smart city and fire protection etc., providing technological support for China’s “Sharp Eyes Project”.

About Sharp Eyes Project

China first proposed the “Sharp Eyes Project” (or “Xueliang Project”, which literally translates to “bright as snow”) in 2008, a comprehensive video surveillance network intended to cover communities in rural China down to the village level. Absen was instrumental to this project with supply of 304 sets of LED screens to 304 kindergartens in Longgang district of Shenzhen, which were used for safety education, emergency command and delivering schools’ messages.

As the leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei has made prominent achievements in digital transformation via cutting edge ICT technologies such as video cloud and big data. At its well-designed booth on China (Xi’an) Security Expo, Huawei showcased its leading new ICT solutions as well as security products like CCTV systems. Its stand featured the utilization of AV technologies such as audio, LCD and LED, among which all the LED displays were provided by Absen.

To demonstrate its impressive array of solutions for informatization and digitalization, converged command, video cloud and big data respectively, Huawei leveraged a lineup of professional Absen LED solutions including a 9m×3m P3mm screen, Absenicon series C138 & C165 as well as the leading control room product CR1.2 of 4K resolution.

Those striking LED video wall solutions were employed to meet different requirements for displaying Huawei’s different solutions. For big data visualization and control room applications, the Absen CR series 1.2mm screen was used due to its capabilities of receiving a good number of various signals and robust reliability with the power and signal redundancy design. And the 3mm rental screen boasts great colors and flexible configuration, perfect for creating a custom-shape display.

While the unique NPP solution Absenicon C138 & C165 were deployed for its advantages of creating bezel-free screens with great color uniformity. The all-in-one display solution was specially designed for meeting rooms and any event spaces of different sizes. Currently there are 5 different standard sizes ranging from 110″ to 220″ including 4K compatibility. This product boasts high levels of brightness, contrast and colour saturation than traditional projectors and LCD displays, is able to create the ultimate experience for the users.

Huawei has collaborated with Absen in a number of significant projects and events including the Shenzhen Longgagn smart city project, where an amazing curved CR1.2 screen of 166.9 sqm was created. Read the Longgang smart city case study here: Absen LED and Longgang Operation Centre Create World’s Largest Curved Video Wall




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