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Midea Group Industrial Internet Project Employs Absen CR1.2

Chinese home appliances giant, Midea Group, has showcased its strengths in smart manufacturing by employing Absen’s CR 1.2 LED display as the smart presentation terminal. The big data center of the first stage Midea industrial Internet Project, located at the Midea Industrial park in Nansha, Guangzhou, now features an Absen command and control LED display. Absen has played an active role in the whole process of the design, engineer and installation of this project.



The Absen 1,27mm CR series LED display measures 14.64m X 2.744m and contains more than 24 million pixels. The super fine design provides an entire display resolution of 11520 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high, equivalent to 12 windows of native full HD resolution or 3 windows of 4K resolution, all without the need for scaling.



As a Chinese white goods manufacturing company ranking among the world’s top 500 companies, a smart terminal was essential for Midea to manage an abundance of big data. The platform features connectivity to the cloud and collects a massive amount of industrial data, and more importantly, provides comprehensive solutions that cover the entire value chain from research and development and manufacturing to scale.



In order to meet the diversified application requirements, the large screen of CR1.2 has adopted the multi-windows display solution. The huge amount of industrial data generated in each step of the manufacturing process can be presented in different sectors of the large screen at the same time, which helps the decision maker have a comprehensive understanding of the whole situation and solve the problem once it occurs. Extensive information such as the manufacturing equipment’s real time condition; the key procedures like the raw materials processing will be revealed on the screen instantly. As the smart presentation terminal of project control and data acquisition system, it contributes a lot to the deep mining of data, improvement of product quality and labor efficiency.


Dual backup of power/signal


Data is the lifeblood of the digital transformation. Systematic data analysis will help the smooth development of each procedure of the manufacturing process of Midea. So the stability of its LED display is among the top priorities. To meet this need, Absen CR series are equipped with two power banks and two receiving cards per panel ensuring that, if one does fail, there will always be a failsafe ensuring continued performance until the faulty equipment can be replaced. The 1+1 redundant design of the core components: power supply and receiving card ensures the dual backup of power/signal, so that the display never goes down at an important moment.


Heat dissipation & Circuit Layout


The circuit layout provides good heat dissipation by arranging the electronic components and heat conductive materials in a way on the PCB board to prevent components that dissipate too much heat from being too close on one corner of the board. This reduces temperature difference on each part of the card so that color cast will not occur on the screen due to uneven temperatures, which effectively extends the product life and achieves more stable effect and a better-looking display.


Due to the strict selection of high-quality raw materials combined with advanced production technology, the CR series provide color at 110% the broadcast-level NTSC color gamut, which far exceeds the number of colors displayed on most by LCD screens. And the color temperature is adjustable between 3000K to 9500K to adapt to different environments. A crystal view effect can be achieved at an energy-efficient power consumption, which also ensures the users’ comfort viewing experience.



“Smart City” project (CR1.2) in Longgang, Shenzhen


Absen’s CR series (CR1.2) in a provincial Police Center


Absen’s sales manager of Guangzhou province commented: “Absen CR series LED displays are already used in a number of governmental control rooms and police centers in different provinces in China, which have left a strong impression on our customers, and they are already running smoothly — that is strong evidence of Absen LED display’s solid quality.”


The industrial internet, characterized by the capability to integrate components, information, business process and people, is expected to make cost reductions, efficiency improvements and quality guarantees possible by supporting data analysis and informing decision-making. Absen, as a trusted leading LED supplier, will devoted to provide products and service that can satisfy the customers, as it always does!


Find out more about Absen’s CR products here: https://www.absen.com/products/indoor-fixed/cr/series.html
Or send us your inquiry or question absen@absen.com

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