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Mustang Creates Engaging Digital Signage Solution for Nishat Linen With Absen LED

The Pakistani clothing brand, Nishat Linen, recently appointed Absen and Mustang LED to install three full colour LED displays at its largest outlet store in Pakistan. Covering six floors, Absen LED features both inside and outside of the retail store, designed to enhance brand perceptions and captivate shoppers and passers-by.



Towering high above the exterior of the building is a 1,200 sqft outdoor display made up of Absen A1099 product. The screen measuring 26ft x 46ft is a 10 mm pixel pitch display and addresses all the crucial considerations when designing for this type of environment. It has an outdoor façade and high-traffic location where both exceptional quality and round the clock reliability are paramount.



Inside the store, customers are greeted by a 16ft x 16ft video wall utilizing Absen K-Series 3.9mm. Positioned towards the back of the ground floor, this high-impactful display captures the attention of shoppers and naturally draws them into the space to explore the products on display. On the fifth floor, is the second indoor LED display made up of Absen H3-Series. Measuring 300 sqft (25ft x 12ft), this screen is designed to showcase many of the products in this floor and helps to deliver a more engaging and memorable experience for shoppers.



Comments on the installation from Nishat Linen, “LED was our preferred technology choice due to its bezel-free design, perfect for showing off the vivid colours and details of our clothing ranges. Having worked with Mustang and Absen on our other retail stores, the decision to appoint them for our largest store was a natural one and installing three screens at the same time is a testament to the quality and trust that we place in our partners. We are very pleased with the excellent visual performance of the screens and the ability to manage the content freely in-house”.



“Digital signage has become a key tool for drawing customers into stores, creating engaging shopping environments and finally boosting sales”, said Mr. Mustafa Haider, Creative Director of Mustang LED Pakistan, “Absen LED technology is our top choice for the integration of digital technologies into retailing to elevate the entire shopping space, assisting Nishat Linen to deliver their fashion concepts”.


“Thanks to Absen’s quality products and the professional Absen team, the inside-out LED solution that we created with Absen’s A1099 series, K series and H series is able to meet customers’ requirements and deliver excellent performance”, Mustafa Haider added.


Jasmine Tian, Sales Director of South Asia market comments: “Digitalization is a new trend in Pakistan. We are more than pleased to see Nishat linen and the trusted Pakistani LED supplier Mustang Led choosing Absen in this and more projects”.

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