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We Opened a New Regional Office in Shanghai

We are very excited to announce that we have opened a new office in Shanghai with an opening ceremony taking place this evening. On China’s central cost, Shanghai is the country’s global financial center and transport hub and also the country’s biggest city by population. This office is the first Absen-owned regional office in China.



Located in a modern office building at Zhongchun Road, Minhang district (Hongqiao area), this 400 sqm modern office includes an 80 sqm showroom, some main offices, reception rooms, meeting and conference rooms etc.


Take a look at our brand-new office first:



In the showroom, Absen’s latest LED display products covering NPP and indoor fixed, outdoor and rental applications will be showcased. What the visitors can see now are a 4k CR1.2, a 2k HDV 1.6, Acclaim A27, N2 Plus, DW and some outdoor demos and so on.


Absen has been developing and expanding its international customer service networks to provide best service for its partners and customers locally. Now it has a worldwide presence with eight overseas subsidiaries and numerous offices across the globe. With a new office in Shanghai, we are able to better support our customers and partners in the region of Eastern China, as well as the international visitors coming from any corners of the world.


Click the link to see the panorama of the exhibition hall:



If you want to pay a visit to Absen Shanghai Office, please contact our Absen sales team or send an email to absen@absen.com.

Address: Room 811-817, 8th Floor, No. 15, Unit25, 8633 Zhongchun Rd, Minhang District, Shanghai

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